We are building local and global partnerships of like-minded individuals, organisations that are committed to putting up a vehement fight against the destruction of the planet we call home. But we need you to join us; we cannot win this fight without you.

Join our volunteers, and together we can create a better life for Africa’s people and its nature. You can contribute by submitting an article, organising social activities such as tree planting drives, marathons, conferences, among others.

Donations/Grants are mainly used for our editorial operations, organising social activities and events, research, lobbying and volunteer support. Your donation will go to helping us achieve real impact on the African continent.

“The Earth is a sentient, living organism. It is NOT simply a dense landmass whose only function is a resource for its inhabitants. Our planet is, in fact, a breathing, living organism – one we must SAVE and PROTECT”

- The Last Drop Climate Manifesto