There is no better time to appreciate how the planet’s biodiversity works and, most importantly, what we can do to help it. When dealing with emerging climate crises, we often look to politicians for answers, even for problems that can be solved at individual and community levels. 

At Green Journalism Africa (Ltd), We believe that: 

  • All humans have an equal responsibility to protect this planet.
  • All humans should have food on their plates, access to clean water, good health, peace and security – all of which are now threatened by global warming and other climate catastrophes that threaten our existence. 
  • All humans must be involved in the quest to reduce greenhouse emissions by implementing basic measures at individual levels to contribute to a greener and carbon-neutral planet. 
  • All humans have a right to hold their leaders, the manufacturers, industries, and themselves accountable for their action(s) and inaction(s). 
  • With our help, the planet can recover from the immense heat, pollution, and extinction. 

Here’s how

  • Mass education: The majority of the human species do not realize just how dire the situation they have put the planet in. They do not recognise their contribution to greenhouse emissions, droughts, water scarcity and global warming. With storytelling, community engagements, media campaigns and spotlighting, we will localize climate phenomena using real-life, relatable examples and offer solutions that can be adapted and scaled.
  • Get Involved: We implement eco-solutions in different communities across the region. There include tree-planting campaigns in which we target 2 million trees per region; we train youths organized in environment clubs in Primary and Secondary Schools who then become our ambassadors in their rural communities by sensitizing their parents about the harmful practices at home such as cooking with firewood/charcoal and the best alternatives they can adopt.
  • We also host annual conferences that bring policy leaders, academics and NGOs, Governments, and the Private Sector together to discuss climate challenges and come up with solutions.
  • Partnerships: We can achieve more together through building strategic partnerships with like-minded institutions such as NGOs, UN Agencies, the Church, the Private Sector, Government, and Individuals with whom we share a vision.